The Black Death, or the Plague, was multiple diseases that inflicted Europe immensely. People were dying every day that had the population decrease. This Plague came from fleas on black rats that traders carried over on their ships. Several diseases made up the plague that killed thousands every day in Europe.
     Europe had no clue how to flee or get rid of it. Many people beat themselves black and blue thinking that it would help God's anger on them, but the priests threatened to excommunicate them from the church if they continued. Many peasants would flee their villages at night if a neighbor fell ill. The guards wouldn't stop them either because they were afraid to touch them.
     "You called for me, sir?" I asked my elderly uncle.
     "Yes, the pope has called a call to arms, but we both know that I'm much too old fulfill this demand." my uncle answered me.
     This was unfair, he knew that even though I had the training, I don't like to fight. Although, I'd still have to go to keep honor to my name and family. I bowed my head in respect.
     "I understand, sir." I said.
     "Good, I'll see to it that you and our troops will be off by tomorrow, in the mean time, relax and rest. You'll need it." With that said, I left the room to my own chambers, his sickening laughter ripe in my mind. My cruel uncle always wanted me out of the mansion, or even killed. This was one of his chances to succeed. My head dropped onto my pillow as I groaned and thought of a way to get out of this situation. I found none, but I did hope that I'd be able to survive this request.
     Father had summoned me to his throne room. I was curious on what he wanted until he had told me. I was to marry a complete stranger for an alliance. On the inside, I was furious, how could my father of all people arrange a marriage he had promised not to make!? On the outside, however, I was still the calm and collected princess I was raised to be.
     "Father," I questioned, "how am I supposed to be ready for the marriage? I am only thirteen."
     "Rosalita," He said calmly, "You'll be very happy there. I know fora  fact that he'll treat you well."
     I nodded and was excused. I then thought on how I could get out of this. Fake being a man, perhaps? No, it's been done too many times throughout the family history. But then, I had the best idea I ever had. I'd have to flee the palace and gain freedom in a different country.
Dear Journal,
      My whole world had tumbled down around me like the old homes in the Lifeless Village. My mother's death, the steward and the stranger's meeting, being proclaimed a wolf's head, all things that seemed to make my life stop. To leave one master to get confined to another, just pitiful. I wish I still had my mother to help guide me through this crazy life.
     The world seemed to have stopped after Bear had grabbed my wrist. I wish Saint Giles and God are still with me, for help, guidance, and care.