I've read a lot of books this year, and my favorite by far has to be The Book of Elyon series. It has the adventure I love, the young, brave heroine, the magic, and the suspense to drive anyone insane if they had to stop reading. I simply love the series because of how much I'd love to go through the book as Alexa myself.

The series starts out with a twelve-year-old girl named Alexa. She's the daughter of a mayor and loves adventure. There are walls around the four main cities and roads. Alexa always wonders what's beyond the walls. Warvold, an old man that is similar to a grandfather to Alexa, dies in the first book and Alexa is set off onto an adventure.

In the second book, Alexa is a year older. Once again, she goes of onto an adventure, this time much more dangerous than the last. In this book, she has to save the whole land of Elyon from destruction.