Muhammad was a good person and people were interested in what he had to say because it was different to what they knew, at least curious people were. Other people were not as interested and did not want to listen to Muhammad at all. The rich merchants thought he was a threat to their money, as he said the rich should take care of the poor, and cast him out. Since the poor people did as the rich people did, basically everyone started to stop listening to Muhammad. Overtime, however, people started to listen more and more until Islam was a religion. Islam is very similiar to Chistianity and Judisasm.
If I could have chosen my roll, I would've been an Invader. I really wanted to be an Invader just because I'd rather have a life of adventure (my opinion of their life, somewhat) than of boring normality (traders had a regular life, stay in one place, eat, sleep that stuff). Besides, Invaders get swords and my father has a lot of them (I like them, can you tell?) and Traders get goods, the food, the cloth, the wood, the jewels, the mercury. What's the fun in that? I also have Native American heritage and the Invaders were similiar in a way if you think about it. I am also rather boyish and never really want to do anything girly.




September Eleventh was a frightening day for some people, I know that much from school, but I also know that it also brought America together. People from everywhere helping out anyway they can and volunteering. I don't remember it since I was one at the time, but my mom said it had scared her.
The attack on the Twin Towers themselves isn't that scary for me, if it happened to me, I'd be scared for the time being, but I'd start laughing afterwards. I'm not the type of person to be shaken very easily, in fact I enjoy scary things. If anything, I'd be one of the people volunteering to help.