In my life, I have many things to be thankful for, especially later in the year. There's my parents, friends, family, animals, technology, and music. I'm greatly thankful for my parents because my father's been in and out of the hospital all year long, and my mother's gone in once, but helped me through it. My friends all helped me keep a smile on my face and not to feel so depressed about it. My family also helped, at least the ones that didn't go to the hospital. Every holiday this year, someone's been in the hospital. I'm grateful for my dogs because they also helped me through this year. As for technology, I'm grateful to be have so much in my house. Music is practically part of my life source. I nearly live and breath it, I never go a day with out listening to something. As you can see, I have many things to thankful for, some I didn't even put. 

I know that we all at least have something to be thankful for. I know that some of us don't have a home, or regular food to eat, but we can all be grateful for the people who donate. The people who volunteer is also a great thing, just think about New York! The people who volunteer and help are especially things to be grateful for, no matter what. Just what about the charities that people out all the time? And a smile? What about a laugh? These are all things that we take for granted everyday, me included. No matter what, we all have something to be thankful, grateful, appreciative, or anything else you want to say for.
My favorite thing about Fall, or Autumn, has to be the weather, closely followed by Halloween. I'm a lover of colder weather and sweatshirts and longsleeved shirts, so naturally this is my favorite time of year. My whole family all loves Halloween to at least some extent. My favorite part about Halloween has to be the costumes. I love figuring out something new. I have an affinity for ears and tails, so my mom dared me to be something without ears and a tail next year. Already have it planned, I think, it's probably going to change three billion times until next Halloween. The plan is a ninja.