This year, for Winter Break, I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with my grandmother and aunt. They live in Lemoore, so I'm excited to go. They have a nice house with a whole-house heater and plenty of room. They also have two "fuzzballs", two super fluffy dogs. The puppy looks like a snowball! He's that fluffy! My grandmother and aunt also have HD TVs in almost every room. They also have a Wii.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is all the cookies. No matter what, in my family, you can't have enough cookies! Or sugar. My family mostly loves sugary things, especially chocolate. I'm a chocoholic myself.
An important idea from Korea that Japanese used was the religion of Buddhism. This religion speaks of Nirvana, the state of desiring nothing. In Buddhism, you are supposed to overcome any great desire. At first the Japanese people didn't want to convert to Buddhism rather than their own religion, Shintoism. Shintoism is the belief that everything in nature is kami.

Another important idea the Japanese took from China was respect for your authorities. For example, children should obey their mother, wives should obey their husbands, subjects should obey the emperor, and so forth. The Japanese, like Confucius, the person who made this philosophy, believed that a stable and peaceful society could be achieved through this.
As I was doing my work in the fields, I heard something like thunder. I knew it wasn't a storm because the sky was blue. I turned to see the source of the sound...and saw a vast army, much bigger than I've ever seen. I was frozen for a moment, thinking of what to do. Then, my instincts took over and I ran away from the attackers. I hid for my life. I was behind a shop in town, still thinking of how I could get out of here.

I stood there, panting and searching my mind for a plan. Then, it hit me, literally. A soldier had landed a blow to my shoulder. I stumbled and took off running again, never knowing if I was going to get out of here. I dodged swords, punches, kicks, and anything else in my way to freedom. I then knew exactly where to go to. I ran towards the forest and just climbed a tree when soldiers ran through, searching for me...