Martin Luther is a man who fought for his belief of the church. It was because of him that the United States of America was made. Pilgrims wanted religious freedom and decided that they needed to make their own country to gain this freedom. Martin Luther also created an example for people all over the world, showing them to fight for what they believe in.

I think that there are things that should be changed in my school. For an example, the uniform should be changed. It's too strict to be called a "Dress Code." Pants, shoes, shirts, shorts, skirts, and even socks are the clothing that has specific colors and styles that have to be obeyed. Jewelry, piercings, and hairstyles also have specific colors and styles. I don't mean that a natural red head wouldn't be able to get in and a natural brunette could. It's just that they limit the ways we can show our creativity, personality, and ourselves way too much.

Another thing I'd like to see changed is the food. Is it good? Yes. Could it be better?  A lot. I eat better food at fast foods places I don't like. With the way the country is now and how many obese people there are, the food should be healthier and be fresh. Like in movies how they cook and make it at the school and the lunch line has trays that get food slapped on to it.

Not only that, but more opportunities should be available. I know a boy that couldn't get into an advanced math class without taking Art, a subject that he doesn't like. Also, there should be more music programs to take besides just Band at the high school. There could be choir, guitar, piano, things like that. Also, there could be an art history class or a music history class, a class that shows the history of everyday things.

Physical Education should also be a class that's chosen by the student. There are obese students that might not be able to do things like the other kids when it comes to testing. They could also feel embarrassed easily during an activity. I know this feeling immensely. And another thing, what does our physical status have to do with our future? Most of the good paying jobs are intellectual and require a more advanced thinking process, not brawn.
So close to the end of the year! WHOO!!! That means that I no longer have HOMEWORK! Anyways, I do have good memories of this school year here at Computech. I also have the bad ones, too, though.

My favorite memory, and the one that is definitely the best, was the Zoo Day, even with my right knee in a knee immobilizer and being pushed around in a wheel chair all day. It was really fun to have constant commentary from John on different subjects. Although, on that day, we both could have gone without the two girls constantly insisting that John was my boyfriend. All in all, it was very fun day.

My LEAST favorite memory would have to be...yesterday in Science. You all know that my class has moved into a much more...intimate unit in science. It's taking its offhand toll on my brain these last days of school. With Ranpreet, the only other sensible person in the group besides myself, gone from this unit, I'm stuck with two boys who can be a little obnoxious...Kevin and John. John isn't so bad, but when it comes to analogies, he has ideas that scar me for life. Such as yesterday. We were given a whiteboard and told to show how a woman can get pregnant. Our team decided to do a limousine and a garage. Now I shall never climb into a limo again, EVEN AT PROM. I'll happily go in a nice, beat up, old truck.

Alright, so on Tuesday, my school had gone to the Chafee Zoo in Fresno, CA, and there were different stations set around for my school other schools. There were several stations, including one on Kangaroos with my PE teacher, but one really stood out for me. The Natural Insulation station was by far my favorite station of all.

This station had a scientific test to see what kept you warmer, fur or blubber. There was a bowl of ice cold water and three zip lock bags: one with fur, one with blubber, and one plain as a control test. First, we took the temperature of the water and then the control. We then stuck our hands into the fur and blubber bags to see which one was warmer. Then, we measured the temperature in each. Blubber 
The Inca and the Aztec empires were part of Mesoamerica, and both had a lot of land within them. The Aztecs built great temples and a calendar. They even had a number and writing system. The Inca had roads and built mountain top cities. Both empires were great and very self sufficient. They both very alike in ways, as well. Including how they both ended.

The Aztec empire was headed by Moctezuma when the Spanish had arrived to colonize. The Aztecs were also just over a large civil war, so the entire empire was weaker than usual. When the Spanish arrived, they brought diseases that the natives hadn't seen before, like small pox. Moctezuma had tried to treat the Spanish respectfully and graciously, just how you'd treat a god. Cortez, however, wanted gold and more than what the Aztecs were giving him. When they tried to convert the Aztecs to Christianity, Moctezuma  had refused and the Spanish attacked. They killed Moctezuma and then continued to colonize and treat the Aztecs badly.

The Inca empire was under Atahualpa, their last emperor, during their fall. The Spanish had come and, like Moctezuma, Atahualpa treated them kindly. Atahualpa was killed as a plan by the Spanish to gain his empire. They then stopped the Inca from practicing their daily lives as usual. They then proceeded to teach them Christianity and turned them into a Spanish colony. The Inca were also new to the diseases the Spanish brought and had were killed vastly by those diseases.
I've read a lot of books this year, and my favorite by far has to be The Book of Elyon series. It has the adventure I love, the young, brave heroine, the magic, and the suspense to drive anyone insane if they had to stop reading. I simply love the series because of how much I'd love to go through the book as Alexa myself.

The series starts out with a twelve-year-old girl named Alexa. She's the daughter of a mayor and loves adventure. There are walls around the four main cities and roads. Alexa always wonders what's beyond the walls. Warvold, an old man that is similar to a grandfather to Alexa, dies in the first book and Alexa is set off onto an adventure.

In the second book, Alexa is a year older. Once again, she goes of onto an adventure, this time much more dangerous than the last. In this book, she has to save the whole land of Elyon from destruction.
     The Black Death, or the Plague, was multiple diseases that inflicted Europe immensely. People were dying every day that had the population decrease. This Plague came from fleas on black rats that traders carried over on their ships. Several diseases made up the plague that killed thousands every day in Europe.
     Europe had no clue how to flee or get rid of it. Many people beat themselves black and blue thinking that it would help God's anger on them, but the priests threatened to excommunicate them from the church if they continued. Many peasants would flee their villages at night if a neighbor fell ill. The guards wouldn't stop them either because they were afraid to touch them.
     "You called for me, sir?" I asked my elderly uncle.
     "Yes, the pope has called a call to arms, but we both know that I'm much too old fulfill this demand." my uncle answered me.
     This was unfair, he knew that even though I had the training, I don't like to fight. Although, I'd still have to go to keep honor to my name and family. I bowed my head in respect.
     "I understand, sir." I said.
     "Good, I'll see to it that you and our troops will be off by tomorrow, in the mean time, relax and rest. You'll need it." With that said, I left the room to my own chambers, his sickening laughter ripe in my mind. My cruel uncle always wanted me out of the mansion, or even killed. This was one of his chances to succeed. My head dropped onto my pillow as I groaned and thought of a way to get out of this situation. I found none, but I did hope that I'd be able to survive this request.
     Father had summoned me to his throne room. I was curious on what he wanted until he had told me. I was to marry a complete stranger for an alliance. On the inside, I was furious, how could my father of all people arrange a marriage he had promised not to make!? On the outside, however, I was still the calm and collected princess I was raised to be.
     "Father," I questioned, "how am I supposed to be ready for the marriage? I am only thirteen."
     "Rosalita," He said calmly, "You'll be very happy there. I know fora  fact that he'll treat you well."
     I nodded and was excused. I then thought on how I could get out of this. Fake being a man, perhaps? No, it's been done too many times throughout the family history. But then, I had the best idea I ever had. I'd have to flee the palace and gain freedom in a different country.
Dear Journal,
      My whole world had tumbled down around me like the old homes in the Lifeless Village. My mother's death, the steward and the stranger's meeting, being proclaimed a wolf's head, all things that seemed to make my life stop. To leave one master to get confined to another, just pitiful. I wish I still had my mother to help guide me through this crazy life.
     The world seemed to have stopped after Bear had grabbed my wrist. I wish Saint Giles and God are still with me, for help, guidance, and care.
     I was done working in the fields for the day and was returning home. As I was walking, I smelled the wood burning smoke. Surprised and worried, I started to run ahead of the other villagers to get to the village faster. I stopped at the top of the hill and watched in horror as I saw the place I called home all my life burn to ashes. On the river I saw sails with Northmen symbols. The other villagers finally arrived and started to ask me what happened all at once.
     "The Northmen, they came...I got here just after they left..." I answered slowly, with wide, fearful eyes still watching the fire consume my world. The mill and bakery was crumbled and gone. The houses were lit up like torches. The manor was broken and burning as well, almost looking like a broken doll house. The beautiful church was also gone, the stained glass shards scattered around the ruins. My whole wor