Father had summoned me to his throne room. I was curious on what he wanted until he had told me. I was to marry a complete stranger for an alliance. On the inside, I was furious, how could my father of all people arrange a marriage he had promised not to make!? On the outside, however, I was still the calm and collected princess I was raised to be.
     "Father," I questioned, "how am I supposed to be ready for the marriage? I am only thirteen."
     "Rosalita," He said calmly, "You'll be very happy there. I know fora  fact that he'll treat you well."
     I nodded and was excused. I then thought on how I could get out of this. Fake being a man, perhaps? No, it's been done too many times throughout the family history. But then, I had the best idea I ever had. I'd have to flee the palace and gain freedom in a different country.

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