Martin Luther is a man who fought for his belief of the church. It was because of him that the United States of America was made. Pilgrims wanted religious freedom and decided that they needed to make their own country to gain this freedom. Martin Luther also created an example for people all over the world, showing them to fight for what they believe in.

I think that there are things that should be changed in my school. For an example, the uniform should be changed. It's too strict to be called a "Dress Code." Pants, shoes, shirts, shorts, skirts, and even socks are the clothing that has specific colors and styles that have to be obeyed. Jewelry, piercings, and hairstyles also have specific colors and styles. I don't mean that a natural red head wouldn't be able to get in and a natural brunette could. It's just that they limit the ways we can show our creativity, personality, and ourselves way too much.

Another thing I'd like to see changed is the food. Is it good? Yes. Could it be better?  A lot. I eat better food at fast foods places I don't like. With the way the country is now and how many obese people there are, the food should be healthier and be fresh. Like in movies how they cook and make it at the school and the lunch line has trays that get food slapped on to it.

Not only that, but more opportunities should be available. I know a boy that couldn't get into an advanced math class without taking Art, a subject that he doesn't like. Also, there should be more music programs to take besides just Band at the high school. There could be choir, guitar, piano, things like that. Also, there could be an art history class or a music history class, a class that shows the history of everyday things.

Physical Education should also be a class that's chosen by the student. There are obese students that might not be able to do things like the other kids when it comes to testing. They could also feel embarrassed easily during an activity. I know this feeling immensely. And another thing, what does our physical status have to do with our future? Most of the good paying jobs are intellectual and require a more advanced thinking process, not brawn.

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