If someone in my family asked me about Computech, I'd say, "It's a good school with great classes and opportunities, but the uniform sucks." It's true, that's what would first come out of my mouth. My family has asked me about it and I've told them about the rocketry classes, the library, my science class, and my CORE class mainly.

If a stranger had had asked me, I'd reply with, "It's a good school. It's a little hard, but it gives kids great opportunities to find out what they'd like to do for a living." I'm more polite with people I don't know because I don't know how they'd react to me.

Overall, Computech is truly a good school and it has many things other schools don't have. For example, they have a music and an art program (their still losing money, though), and they have a robotics class. They have hands-on science classes where you will dissect a frog and worm. I enjoy coming to Computech and talking with the teachers. They're fun to talk to.

     I had to use this thing called "Ribbon Hero" in computer class today. It was really fun because I learned things I didn't or wasn't sure about. Like pie charts, I didn't know how to use them, but I learned more about them then I did before using this.
     I have to admit, though, that one of the activities I tried, wouldn't let me go on. I believe I was doing it right, but for some reason, it wouldn't take it. I do recommend using this program more in the future, it was fun and interactive, something that some kids take to better than a website or video.
     Interactive things keep kid's interest and this certainly kept mine. I liked using it, it was fun and interesting. It also was funny with some of the things it had like the comic strips.
The Master Puppeteer is written by Katherine Paterson. It's a realistic fiction about a boy named Jiro whose mother hates him when his older siblings died. His father is a puppet maker and sells puppets to the Hanaza a puppet theater. Yoshida, the master at the Hanaza, takes a liking to Jiro for his spirit. Yoshida offers to take Jiro into the theater for Hanji, Jiro's father, but he refuses. All the while, a bandit named Saburo steals from the rich and gives to the poor, much like Robin Hood.

Jiro runs away from his family and goes to the Hanaza to learn the puppetry arts. His parents are disapointed in him and Jiro promises himself that he'd help them somehow. Jiro also makes friends with Yoshida Kinshi, Yoshida's son, in the boys' dressing room and bedroom. How will Jiro do in this theater? And who exactly is Saburo?
In twenty years, I'll either be in college learning about art, digital media, and technology, or I'll be working for Disney as a movie designer. I decided a while ago that no matter what, I'll be working for Disney, my favorite company in the world except for Monster High. Disney is the best movie and dream makers in the world and besides, "Who doesn't want to get payed to play?" As my dad, who worked Disney as a ride oporater, put it. I'm already okay at art, but I want to improve greatly before I start working. I need learn nearly everything about digital media, but I'll get it down. And I'm already better than my grandma, cousin, and uncle with technology. Not completly better than my parents, but in some areas I am.

And if I'm not a movie designer, I might be an actress or performer for them, I also love music.




September Eleventh was a frightening day for some people, I know that much from school, but I also know that it also brought America together. People from everywhere helping out anyway they can and volunteering. I don't remember it since I was one at the time, but my mom said it had scared her.
The attack on the Twin Towers themselves isn't that scary for me, if it happened to me, I'd be scared for the time being, but I'd start laughing afterwards. I'm not the type of person to be shaken very easily, in fact I enjoy scary things. If anything, I'd be one of the people volunteering to help.
I am currently reading a chapter book by Patrick Carman. I've barely started it, but I absolutely know it'll be a good book. I just hope I don't hate the ending in this one.The previous book had me in fits because it ended so fast and it had just barely peeked in the plot as well. So far, my favorite part is when Armon, a giant, is wet from hiding from the black swarm, a swarm of bats that want to turn Armon into an ogre, and everyone is scared because they think he was turned into an ogre. I don't have a least favorite part yet, since I'm only in the first chapter. It's a good book and I'm in love with this series, the endings just drive me nuts though. Partick Carman leaves such a big cliff hanger in his stories. It's annoying and fun at the same time.
I'm supposed to respond to a quote, "Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal.  The winner is he who gives himself to his work, body, and soul." -Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton.
It means to me that this person thinks whoever really tries in whatever they like, they'll succeed. It just seems more of an athletic statement, though.
When I was first accepted into my school, I was scared I'd be targeted by the teachers, get lost everyday, and finally just down right fail in school. Of course, I needed to look at my schedule during the first week of school, but I eventually learned my way around the classrooms I need. None of my teachers call me out for a volunteer question, which previous teachers did, and so far I have a 4.0.
I was also scared I'd be alone around campus and without friends, but I still have a friend here that went to the same school as I did. 
In fourth grade, I was being bullied by another girl. I would come home in tears, but never told my mom anything. It took her a week to get it out of me. One day, it was lunch time and the girl was sitting in front of me and my best friend. The girl started to say bad and mean things about my best friend. I started to get angry about what she was saying and just suddenly blew up at her. We both got into an arguement and had to be separated. After that, I felt really proud and more confident in myself. She never teased me again.
For a while, I didn't like writing because it made my hand hurt too much and I didn't know how to type, but when I learned to type, I now love to write. I don't type in a "formal" or "correct" way, but I do type pretty fast. For me it's just a matter of thinking of what to write. I hope that, in the future, computers will help me write a book.