As you all know, I have to do a puppet show in Science. It's very interesting with what my team came up with for our animals. Basically, we're walking down the street and something while Moose, Kevin, scares  Ladybug, Ranpreet. That gives us all a chance to say our adaptations. Green Sea Turtle, or Turtle or John, and I, Beaver or Brianna, both have that duo/loner feel to us in real life and the puppet show, at least in my opinion.
     We have several songs to choose from for our animals dance, but don't have one yet. I'm pretty sure it's going to be "Why Can't We Be Friends?" by an unknown artist to me. I was so freaked about being sick yesterday, though, that I went to John and asked for the script. I crammed as much of it as I could into my brain within thirteen minutes and have twenty minutes to rehearse in class. I honestly hope I can remember this...wish me luck?
1/25/2013 05:37:04 am

Great paragraphs, I just didn't comprehend some sentences in paragraph 1. Wish you luck.


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