Hey, there, folks. Here's another funny story from my family. This one is around Christmas and a little religous (I'm LDS).
It was Christmas and I was supposed to do the reinactment for the Christmas story this year. I was doing the birth of Jesus and with toys. While I was doing it, I accidentally knocked the three wise men off the table.
"So they went to Egypt, right, Bri?" My aunt asked laughing.
I was embarrassed beyond anything before. I just nodded and kept it going. I never did it again, and my family won't let me live it down!!! What's with that!?
It's Friday, free write day! Okay, I'm going to start writing about funny stories in my family on fridays, so...here goes, really. My mom, uncle, and two aunts used to live in Texas when they were little. My uncle was teased and ridiculed by the teacher. The teacher would litterally stand him up in front of the class and mock him because he couldn't read as well as the other kids. Then there was one of my aunts. She used to have really long hair that my grandma would put in two pigtails and then braid each day. The teacher one day cut it off saying it was getting in her way when it wasn't and my aunt went home in tears. That's also the day when my uncle revealed he was being ridiculed. My grandma went down to the school and beat the two teachers up. Then, the Principal and Vice Principal came by and just looked at her before she asked, "you want some of this?" They shook their head and said, "your children will no longer be able to attend this school." My grandma said, "that's fine, but you're bussing them to the other school district." The school did and my mom, aunts, and uncle never went there again...