My school is having a cookie dough fundraiser. There's this one prize that I want so badly.... an inflatable gaming chair. I'm desperate for it. It looked so cool and if anything, I'd be able to plug my mp3 into it. I really hope I sell enough for it, but so far its not looking good. I only sold about ten boxes.

Then, there's an iPad with keyboard that's one of the prizes, too. It looks super cool and if you haven't noticed, I'm a tech savvy child. I want to be able to have that so I wouldn't have to argue wtih my uncle over the laptop all the time. It's getting really annoying.
This upcoming Monday, my school is letting us wear our favorite sweats (sweat pants and sweat shirts). I'm so excited! I get to where my old school sweatshirt! My favorite of all time! I'm looking forward to it, and just can't wait! The sweatshirt has a 
wildcat, the mascot, and EBCA above it. I love this sweatshirt so much! I still wear it around the house when I'm cold. I'm happy, yippee!!!
For the past few weeks, my father as been in a nursing home, but he's finally getting back to the house! My mom should have taken him home this morning. He should be at his computer, waiting for me to come in and fuss over him, or in his bed, waiting for the same thing. I honestly hope my father is feeling better. Otherwise, I know exactly who to talk to, my mom. She'll then go speak with the nursing home, and so on. My family can be very protective of its members. I can't wait to get home to see my father, its going to be a blast! I hope he's feeling okay to play the Wii with me. If anything, we'll do what we normally do, I'll be on the computer, and he'll be sleeping on his bed.
Last night, my mom took me to the fair, for the first time basically. I had a fun time even though, my mom was dead tired due to helping my dad all day. I explored the pirate ship, cat fish falls, and rode(sp?) the ferris wheel (which disappointed me greatly). My mom bought me a bracelet that has my nickname, a monkey in a blue shirt, a music note, and a few other various charms. We took pictures in a phote booth, and missed Captian Hook. I was exploring the pirate ship, when I ran over to my mom saying I wanted a picture. I also saw this absolutely wicked life-size Davy Jones replica, but Captian Hook disappeared with it. We then walked over to the food section and watched this guy try to win over a tough crowd, when we left he was failing. We then walked to the ferris wheel and I was disappointed, it didn't go very fast at all and you didn't get that feel of danger at all, well in a good way. We then walked back over to the pirate ship and explored Catfish Falls. We had a fun time with the fish facts. When we left, my mom called my uncle and had an arguement before a settlement was agreed on. While we were waiting for my uncle, a drunk guy ran into my mom and said, "Sorry, honey."