It's the end of the school year and the very last day of school for me...on Wednesday, that is. I used Free Write Friday's blog because, it's a free write. I don't have to do this blog, but I wanted to. My father passed away in April, and he never missed any of my award ceremonies before. It was really heart breaking realizing that he'd never see me graduate college, which was something I wanted my father there for.

I had a break down after the ceremony with my mom consoling me. It still hurt, though. I miss him a lot, and there are times that I'll get really excited and think "I'll have to tell Dad" or "I gotta show Dad", and then I have to remind myself that he's gone. I can't believe that my Dad, my hero, the person that I loved so much is gone. It's almost like being stabbed into reality from a day dream.

Last week, I went to the Pirate Festival like I said and when I got home, my knee popped, bad. It had basically cracked and fell out from under me. I felt fine after staying off of it for a few days, but on Monday, I did PE and it practically killed me until I went home and took some pain medicine. Later that day, my mom took me to the APNA urgent care.

Get this...they put me in a freaking IMMOBILIZER!!!! Grr! It hurts when I sit down and just...grr...I will admit that my knee feels better with it on, though. My knee hasn't gotten better, though. 
Hello, peoples! This weekend my mother and I are going to the Fresno Pirate Fair in Roeding Park. My Aunt Dee will be sponsoring us so we can get in for free! I'm very excited to be going to this festival and can't wait! I'll have to come up with a costume pretty fast, though. I'll be able to pull something together; I'm pretty resourceful.

The Pirate Festival is in Roeding Park, Fresno, CA, USA. I just wanted to be sure of the location. I know that I'll probably have to help with wings or something, but I'll still have a lot of fun! I love to go to these types of fairs to see the costumes. I also love the sword

My father passed away about a few months ago and some of my mom's old friend came with their families for the funeral. I met up with two of my friends that I haven't talked to in forever. They both like anime as much as I do, and one even hates Sasuke Uchiha as much as me! They had both started watching two animes called Death Note and Hetalia.

Death Note is a more serious anime with a boy that wants to rid the world of evil people, the criminals big enough to be on Japan's news. Another boy, who wants to find out who he is, is acting as a detective against the one boy.

Hetalia is hilarious. It's basically pure comedy with the countries of the world personified to people. The different countries look unique and to their culture and act as their cultures as well. The episodes are only about five minutes long, but are so good for laughs it's worth watching. My favorite character here is Germany, or Ludwig Beilshmidt. He's a very serious person with blonde hair and blue eyes who acts a lot like a soldier in every aspect of his life.
I just started to read a book called Claws. The authors are Mike and Rachel Grinti. This book has fairytale and mythological creatures from around the world and modern technology. Not only that, but this book also has a human twelve-year-old girl that becomes a Pride-Heart, a leader of a pride of cats.

The girl had lost her sister before the book and her family spent a lot of money trying to find her, making them move to a trailer park to still have a place to stay. The girl meets Jack, a beat up cat with one eye, and he sees a chance in something with Emma. He gives her a deal that states if he helps her find her sister, she helps him.

So far in the book, I'm about half-way through. I won't give any details, but she is definitely the heroine of this story. She also obtains cat-magic, a special kind of magic that actually does something. Not like faery magic that only tricks someone into seeing it. Cat magic turns you into something.
This has to be one of the oddest and longest weeks of my life. On Monday, I got sick to my stomach and my mother had to take me to the doctor. On Tuesday, she had to come pick me up from school since I was sick again. After that, I was caught up in school and I had a pretty good day on Wednesday. On Thursday, I was being teased for hanging out with a friend. And finally, today, Friday, I had to hurry up and finish a small project in the computer lab that I'm still not fully finished with.

About the friend part, he's a guy named John. My best friend kept teasing me saying that I was hanging out with "JoOhn~ and his friends" not just "John and his friends". That was what bugged me the most on Thursday. Each day this week, I felt like it was Wednesday, but it was either Monday or Tuesday.

In conclusion, not exactly the best week of my life. It was definately one of the longest.
In CORE, we watched The Goonies part of yesterday and today all period. It was awesome! I loved the adventure they went on, the inhaler that Mikey would use, and Junk, the chubby klutz. The inhaler in certain parts after a speech or something. Also, at the end how it just gets tossed away. The end of the movie was awesome! I can't believe that the boy was able to switch the marbles out for jewels and get away with it!

My favorite character had to have been Data, I'm the sort of kid that would be inventing things. Also, I'm the girl that has everything on her when you need it. This was a funny movie to me and it was 
Ender's Game is a book that I'm currently reading. It's set in the future where you can only have two kids, and if you  want more you have to pay. The world is united under a single, military based government. Kids have these things called monitors on the back of their necks to monitor and watch their behavior. Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is the main character. He's a boy that ends up going to the Battle School, a place where military gifted children go to become soldiers and commanders. They learn how to survive in battle as the name suggests.

This November, a movie based on this book and the others in the series will come out. It seems to be interesting and accurate on the book. I suggest that you go see it when it finally comes out.
My school is doing a fundraiser for Pennies for Patients. The ribbon color is orange for this fundraiser just like pink is for Breast Cancer. My school officially starts this fundraiser on Monday. I'm pretty sure that many kids will be checking the couch and car for spare change that no one will really care about if it went missing. Other kids might ask their parents, guardians, uncles, aunts, and older siblings for spare change.

I, myself, will be checking three chairs, a hospital bed, and a small couch for spare change along with old wallets, old purses, any pockets, and my clothes. I'm bound to find something in one of these that I'll be able to donate to the school for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Wish me luck with finding change and please donate to the Pennies for Patients fundraiser.
     Well, as I stated before, I write fan-fiction often and watch an anime called One Piece. It's a bad habit of mine to make many different OCs (original characters), but never write any stories for them. Just today, I made a character named Tetra Akairo. She's the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks and is on her pirate journey with Luffy, her metaphorical little brother. She's a spunky girl with a taste for adventure and caution. She's very brave and stubborn, yet she can also let loose and have fun.
     Tetra is also the granddaughter of Captain Kuro, or Klahadore, and Lady Alvida. She doesn't know it, but she also has cat-like eyes and abilities. She's also a great thief and wants to become the greatest in the world. Her mother, Jun Akairo another OC, is one of the best thieves in the world and taught Tetra everything she knew.