It's the end of the school year and the very last day of school for me...on Wednesday, that is. I used Free Write Friday's blog because, it's a free write. I don't have to do this blog, but I wanted to. My father passed away in April, and he never missed any of my award ceremonies before. It was really heart breaking realizing that he'd never see me graduate college, which was something I wanted my father there for.

I had a break down after the ceremony with my mom consoling me. It still hurt, though. I miss him a lot, and there are times that I'll get really excited and think "I'll have to tell Dad" or "I gotta show Dad", and then I have to remind myself that he's gone. I can't believe that my Dad, my hero, the person that I loved so much is gone. It's almost like being stabbed into reality from a day dream.

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