Well, as I stated before, I write fan-fiction often and watch an anime called One Piece. It's a bad habit of mine to make many different OCs (original characters), but never write any stories for them. Just today, I made a character named Tetra Akairo. She's the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks and is on her pirate journey with Luffy, her metaphorical little brother. She's a spunky girl with a taste for adventure and caution. She's very brave and stubborn, yet she can also let loose and have fun.
     Tetra is also the granddaughter of Captain Kuro, or Klahadore, and Lady Alvida. She doesn't know it, but she also has cat-like eyes and abilities. She's also a great thief and wants to become the greatest in the world. Her mother, Jun Akairo another OC, is one of the best thieves in the world and taught Tetra everything she knew.

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