Negative and positive numbers both go into exponents. But if a positive and negative make a negative in multiplication, how come it doesn't make the outcome of a negative exponent negative? The truth is you're really only dividing the base by the exponent (ex: 5^-2 equals 1/25).

When you divide, you make things smaller, you put them into seperate groups. If you think of division this way, this won't so hard for you.

11/26/2012 1:59pm

You need to have two pararagraphs also your sentence should make sence so that you can understand the topic.Another error is that you should not repeate the word "you' in a sentence.

12/03/2012 1:37pm

You did a good job in explaining but you need to add more to it at least two paragraphs. Also you should post today's blog. But besides that good job.


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