Negative and positive numbers both go into exponents. But if a positive and negative make a negative in multiplication, how come it doesn't make the outcome of a negative exponent negative? The truth is you're really only dividing the base by the exponent (ex: 5^-2 equals 1/25).

When you divide, you make things smaller, you put them into seperate groups. If you think of division this way, this won't so hard for you.
11/26/2012 05:59:18 am

You need to have two pararagraphs also your sentence should make sence so that you can understand the topic.Another error is that you should not repeate the word "you' in a sentence.

12/3/2012 05:37:03 am

You did a good job in explaining but you need to add more to it at least two paragraphs. Also you should post today's blog. But besides that good job.


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