Punnett squares are a tool used for Genetics. Punnett squares are used to predict what your child may look like or different muscles that are not necessarily there. For example, a child with dark hair could have a mother with blonde hair and a father with dark hair. Dark hair is the dominant phenotype other than light or blonde hair.
     Punnett squares are easily functional for about anyone to use. In the punnett square below, the dominant "R" falls down into the boxes below it. The recessive "r" goes to the right into the squares beside it. It's very simple to use if you know how to.
In Science class, each student was given an animal puppet that they had to play in their group's adaptation puppet show. In my group, there's a moose, a lady bug, a green sea turtle, and a beaver. I'm the beaver. I already did some research on beavers so I know how they act, at least to some degree. I'm going to entertain my guests with the tail and teeth adaptations.

Beavers' front teeth, or buck teeth, are always growing so they have to chew on wood to keep they down to size. Beavers also use the wood they chew to make their dams. The flat tails on beavers are used for patting mud into to the cracks and holes around the wood. Their homes are water tight and the entrance is underwater, a form of protection against predators.
Last quarter in Science Class, I can't really remember anything I really had trouble with. I honestly don't remember having trouble learning anything. Maybe remembering to read something, but not learning anything. Science makes sense to me somehow that my other classes don't. Science just seems as if, I just know it. It's weird, I don't really study, but I learn what I need to. My parents were both surprised to see my Science grade was an A. It's just a little weird to me.

In Language Arts, I learn it quickly by practicing it in my own writing I do at home. Computers is easy since my parents and I are all computer-addicted. Art is something I've been practicing since I was little. Physical Education is fun for the first time in a while and when something is fun, I learn it easier.