In Science Class we had to record data on how baby rats grow. I couldn't find a ratio, but I know it changes (reason why I couldn't find a ratio). They constantly got bigger and larger, just as kids do, and soon became adults. Much faster than kids, I might add. It was interesting to see them grow, and entertaining to see my partner get very attached to our rat.
My favorite science activity was the egg in a bottle trick. It was fun, and it was just very amusing seeing the class try to come up with the answer. I learned more about air pressure with this activity.
A prokaryote is a cell that is more primitive than an eukaryote. A prokaryote is a cell that's only found in bacteria. An eukaryote is a more advanced cell that's found in human beings and other living things, minus bacteria. A prokaryote also doesn't have a nucleus, where as an eukaryote does. A prokaryote doesn't have any organelles, cell walls, or a nuclelosus(sp? You know what I mean, right?), but an eukaryote does. There are more differences but can't think of anymore than the obvious right now.
Every living thing is made up of cells, and the cells are very busy. They're always doing something, either taking in new nutriants, or getting rid of waste. So, if all this is going on, then why don't we feel it right? It's because the activity is so small and faint, we don't feel it. Either that or we're just used it so much, we don't feel like we feel it.