Many young children believe in Santa Clause, Saint Nicolas, or Chris Kringle, a fictional character believed by most adults. I believe, from what my mother told me, that Santa does exist in spirit. She told met that it probably started out with a man in a village who gave out toys to good kids and lumps of coal to bad kids. Logically, the man died a long time ago, due to age hopefully, and would not be able to pass around the whole world.

Now, if Santa is alive, scientifically speaking, he should die from the sheer force of 4,315,015 pounds pushing against him as he flies through the sky. Reindeer, as we know them, do not fly. They stay on the ground, but there is a good amount of species of organisms to be discovered, which doesn't rule out flying reindeer. If reindeer could fly and carry Santa, an overweight man, (plus a sleigh, and don't get me started on the presents), they'd have to be extremely strong. Finally, the reindeer would have to fly at 3,000 times the speed of sound. They'd most likely burst into flames like a meteor through the Earth's atmosphere.
12/18/2012 05:49:52 am

Good explanation on why Santa is not real.

12/18/2012 05:54:15 am

I like your paragraph. Good explanation on why Santa is not real.


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