This has to be one of the oddest and longest weeks of my life. On Monday, I got sick to my stomach and my mother had to take me to the doctor. On Tuesday, she had to come pick me up from school since I was sick again. After that, I was caught up in school and I had a pretty good day on Wednesday. On Thursday, I was being teased for hanging out with a friend. And finally, today, Friday, I had to hurry up and finish a small project in the computer lab that I'm still not fully finished with.

About the friend part, he's a guy named John. My best friend kept teasing me saying that I was hanging out with "JoOhn~ and his friends" not just "John and his friends". That was what bugged me the most on Thursday. Each day this week, I felt like it was Wednesday, but it was either Monday or Tuesday.

In conclusion, not exactly the best week of my life. It was definately one of the longest.