Sonic the Hedgehog is a classic game that was one of the games on the SEGA 64, I still remember playing it when I was smaller. I know that I used to be so into Sonic, I wanted one of the hats that looked like his head, but I grew out of it. This is the really weird part, though, I was just surfing the internet when I just felt like making a Sonic character. Soon enough, I started to type a story about this character and everything. It was really weird because it just happened out of the blue.

I call my character Sky, just for her eyes. She's a brunette with sky blue eyes and tan skin. She's fairly tall and good looking, as well. She's athletic, spunky, stubborn, but kind all the same. She can be a prankster and a geek at times, but is still a good girl. She's pretty smart and can think of a way out of any situation pretty fast. She's also in several sports, including track. Ironic, huh? She's easily the best member on any of her teams and plans to get a track scholarship so she could go to college. I know that she's not a hedgehog like Sonic really is, but it's one of those real world-fiction world crossover stories.