My favorite thing about Fall, or Autumn, has to be the weather, closely followed by Halloween. I'm a lover of colder weather and sweatshirts and longsleeved shirts, so naturally this is my favorite time of year. My whole family all loves Halloween to at least some extent. My favorite part about Halloween has to be the costumes. I love figuring out something new. I have an affinity for ears and tails, so my mom dared me to be something without ears and a tail next year. Already have it planned, I think, it's probably going to change three billion times until next Halloween. The plan is a ninja.
Breanna S.
11/8/2012 06:13:12 am

You didn't post your blog for today. Remember Mr. Armstrong wants two paragraphs now. On your author part you have to write something about litrature or core, but I do wish the best for you on wanting to be a movie animator. You can fit the job. I do agree with you on about Halloween. Do like cats or just anything with ears. A ninja is a nice plan too.


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