I was done working in the fields for the day and was returning home. As I was walking, I smelled the wood burning smoke. Surprised and worried, I started to run ahead of the other villagers to get to the village faster. I stopped at the top of the hill and watched in horror as I saw the place I called home all my life burn to ashes. On the river I saw sails with Northmen symbols. The other villagers finally arrived and started to ask me what happened all at once.
     "The Northmen, they came...I got here just after they left..." I answered slowly, with wide, fearful eyes still watching the fire consume my world. The mill and bakery was crumbled and gone. The houses were lit up like torches. The manor was broken and burning as well, almost looking like a broken doll house. The beautiful church was also gone, the stained glass shards scattered around the ruins. My whole wor
2/7/2013 05:29:59 am

You didn't post today's blog. It is really good but I doubt they had a doll house then and you didn't finish the paragraph. I really liked all of the description though. Great job!


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