So close to the end of the year! WHOO!!! That means that I no longer have HOMEWORK! Anyways, I do have good memories of this school year here at Computech. I also have the bad ones, too, though.

My favorite memory, and the one that is definitely the best, was the Zoo Day, even with my right knee in a knee immobilizer and being pushed around in a wheel chair all day. It was really fun to have constant commentary from John on different subjects. Although, on that day, we both could have gone without the two girls constantly insisting that John was my boyfriend. All in all, it was very fun day.

My LEAST favorite memory would have to be...yesterday in Science. You all know that my class has moved into a much more...intimate unit in science. It's taking its offhand toll on my brain these last days of school. With Ranpreet, the only other sensible person in the group besides myself, gone from this unit, I'm stuck with two boys who can be a little obnoxious...Kevin and John. John isn't so bad, but when it comes to analogies, he has ideas that scar me for life. Such as yesterday. We were given a whiteboard and told to show how a woman can get pregnant. Our team decided to do a limousine and a garage. Now I shall never climb into a limo again, EVEN AT PROM. I'll happily go in a nice, beat up, old truck.

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