"You called for me, sir?" I asked my elderly uncle.
     "Yes, the pope has called a call to arms, but we both know that I'm much too old fulfill this demand." my uncle answered me.
     This was unfair, he knew that even though I had the training, I don't like to fight. Although, I'd still have to go to keep honor to my name and family. I bowed my head in respect.
     "I understand, sir." I said.
     "Good, I'll see to it that you and our troops will be off by tomorrow, in the mean time, relax and rest. You'll need it." With that said, I left the room to my own chambers, his sickening laughter ripe in my mind. My cruel uncle always wanted me out of the mansion, or even killed. This was one of his chances to succeed. My head dropped onto my pillow as I groaned and thought of a way to get out of this situation. I found none, but I did hope that I'd be able to survive this request.
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You didn't need to write a script, but it was good anyways.


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