If someone in my family asked me about Computech, I'd say, "It's a good school with great classes and opportunities, but the uniform sucks." It's true, that's what would first come out of my mouth. My family has asked me about it and I've told them about the rocketry classes, the library, my science class, and my CORE class mainly.

If a stranger had had asked me, I'd reply with, "It's a good school. It's a little hard, but it gives kids great opportunities to find out what they'd like to do for a living." I'm more polite with people I don't know because I don't know how they'd react to me.

Overall, Computech is truly a good school and it has many things other schools don't have. For example, they have a music and an art program (their still losing money, though), and they have a robotics class. They have hands-on science classes where you will dissect a frog and worm. I enjoy coming to Computech and talking with the teachers. They're fun to talk to.

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