Classic books are books that were written a long time ago, like Little Women or Black Beauty. For the next two quarters, I h ave to read a fiction book, a nonfiction, and a classic or an award-winning book. I chose to read Little Women because it was the first book that I thought of. My mother said I should have read it before, but I never wanted to, it just didn't seem interesting. Now, over Christmas Break, I'll read to keep up with my Reading Counts. It's a little ironic, since the books starts at Christmas.

So far, it's a good book, just like my mother said it would be. My mother also said I'd be Jo, a tomboy girl. It's actually true, I'd never want to be like the other girls. It'd kill me to actually do chores like knitting, sewing, and cooking. I don't even know how to cook!

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