I just started to read a book called Claws. The authors are Mike and Rachel Grinti. This book has fairytale and mythological creatures from around the world and modern technology. Not only that, but this book also has a human twelve-year-old girl that becomes a Pride-Heart, a leader of a pride of cats.

The girl had lost her sister before the book and her family spent a lot of money trying to find her, making them move to a trailer park to still have a place to stay. The girl meets Jack, a beat up cat with one eye, and he sees a chance in something with Emma. He gives her a deal that states if he helps her find her sister, she helps him.

So far in the book, I'm about half-way through. I won't give any details, but she is definitely the heroine of this story. She also obtains cat-magic, a special kind of magic that actually does something. Not like faery magic that only tricks someone into seeing it. Cat magic turns you into something.

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