The Legend of Zelda may be an old video game that was made a long time ago, but I still love it. My grandmother got me started on playing video games when I was two. First, I used to play Sonic and Donkey Kong on the Sega64. I always watched my grandmother play Zelda when I was little and I thought it was coolest thing in the world. Over time, she bought more of the series and I learned to play them. We have books for at least most of the games, one was trashed and had to be thrown away, but we have several others.
     I also saw the old cartoon in a RedBox. My mother rented it for me and when I watched it with my family in the living room, we were cracking up. The laughter only kept going during the entire thing. It was hilarious, though! My uncle couldn't stand how they made Link look against Zelda. He couldn't tolerate the usual "Well, excuse me, princess!". Just writing it makes me laugh! The Legend of Zelda is an old game that I hopes never stops, because I want more games to play and find things out in.
     I'm the queen of finding out the weirdest things in this game. I'm the one in my family that figured out that if you hit the chickens enough in Twilight Princess, you become the chicken! I even found that if you sky dive in Skyward Sword, these multicolored, flying squirrels will make a ring around you if you catch them. That's all the stories for now, but I might post more in the future.

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