Last quarter I remember fractions, integers, and word problems the best. With fractions, I taught myself to think of it like division. It was easier to remember and helped with multiplying, adding, subtracting, and dividing fractions.

Integers were fairly simple, I just had to think backwards. If I thought backwards, I got the answers right, but when I tried what the rest of the class was doing, I got confused and the answers wrong. It was annoying and I started to teach myself ways that were easier for myself to remember.

I'll admit it, word problems still get me at times. It's confusing because they mix words with numbers and operations. It's not what i'm used to. I can write really good and that's why math is so hard for me. I eventually got to the point I'd slow down and think about it. That's when i started to get answers right.
2/25/2013 05:28:30 am

Great job explaining but make sure you capitalize your last (I) in the sentence. Great job though.

4/8/2013 06:27:21 am

Good job and I don't see any other incorrectness other than what Jackeline had said


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